Some of the best in the fashion industry comprise HONOLULU Fashion Week’s East Coast team. These are seasoned professionals with years of expertise across the globe, whose creativity, talent and experience have helped make every year of Fashion Week a success.



At the core of HONOLULU Fashion Week is the intrepid HONOLULU Magazine team—and, of course, founder Duane Kurisu, who conceived the idea of HONOLULU Fashion Week and has supported its growth since the beginning.

Alyson Helwagen
HONOLULU Magazine publisher, Fashion Week executive director

Jeff Alencastre
HONOLULU Magazine events manager, Fashion Week producer and operations manager

Robbie Dingeman
HONOLULU Magazine editor in chief

Donna Kodama-Yee
HONOLULU Magazine advertising director

Christy Davis
HONOLULU Magazine marketing director

Marisa Heung
HONOLULU Magazine special projects editor

Stacey Makiya
HONOLULU Magazine senior fashion editor, executive co-director of Reach the Runway

Brie Thalmann
HONOLULU Magazine managing fashion editor

Diane Lee
HONOLULU Magazine digital media manager

Kristin Lipman
HONOLULU Magazine creative director

David Croxford
HONOLULU Magazine chief staff photographer

Aaron Yoshino
HONOLULU Magazine staff photographer

Philip Richardson
Current Affairs

Donnie Ford
Advertising Executive

Leah Ho‘okala
Advertising Executive

Anne Lee
Advertising Executive

Cathy Yamamoto
Advertising Executive

And everyone else on staff who has contributed to HONOLULU Fashion Week’s success!