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Not many can pull off a one-word name, but Japanese model and actress Rinka has been rocking it for decades. Debuting in 1992, she's been a hot commodity in modeling and television for more than 20 years. On Saturday evening, she’ll take the runway in RINKAgram, a fashion show presented by LeaLea. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, now’s the time to educate yourself on one of the biggest style icons in Japan. 


1. She's really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

Holding the record in Japan for highest number of times someone has posed on the cover of a magazine, Rinka is legit supermodel status. In case you were wondering, she's modeled for more than 250 magazine covers to date.


2. She est française.

Rinka's unique look, with hints of Western features, is thanks to a three-fourths Japanese, quarter-French heritage. Clearly, it's been a hit with Japan.


rinka 2014 spring summer

Photo: Courtesy of Maison de Reefur


3. She owns her own boutique ...

Rinka's a bit of an overachiever. After two decades of modeling and acting, she moved on to the other side of fashion, opening Maison de Reefur (French for “my favorite things”) in 2012. The boutique can be found in Tokyo’s Shibuya district and carries curated items, including clothing, accessories, jewelry and home goods.


4. ... And her own brand.

LI HUÀ is Rinka’s self-directed fashion label and for which she serves as the creative director. Channeling Rinka's own fun-loving vibe, the brand is known for a laidbackcarefree style that is still ultra-feminine. Her upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 collection uses the confederate rose as its main motif, featured in original floral prints and varying shades of yellow to inspire a bright, seasonal feeling. 


5. She loves Hawai‘i—and has the photos to prove it.

Like lots of Japanese nationals, Rinka is a big fan of the Islands. She enjoys it so much here, in fact, that she made an Instagram account just for sharing her Hawai‘i photos. You can follow her aloha-specific Instagram at @rinkagramhawaii and keep up with her adventures. (Get ready for massive amounts of beach and food photos. Rinka is our kind of woman.)





Unreserved seats at the RINKAgram fashion show are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To purchase reserved seating, go here.



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