An impressive list of fashion writers and bloggers converged here for HONOLULU Fashion Week.

By Catherine Toth Fox 

Photo: Ross D. Hamamura/Sony 

This year’s HONOLULU Fashion Week isn’t just a who’s who of local designers. Even the national and international media attending the event are industry influencers.

Here are some of the notable fashion writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers and other style evangelists attending this weekend’s events, plus their social media handles, so you can follow along. You might even be seated next to them at a runway show.


Brittany Kozerski, market editor, Marie Claire
Twitter: @marieclaire @brittanygk
Instagram: @marieclairemag @brittanykozerski

Brian Boye, executive fashion and grooming director, Men’s Health
Twitter: @menshealthmag @brianboye
Instagram: @menshealthmag @brianboye

Annie Georgia Greenberg, fashion editor at large, Refinery 29
Twitter: @refinery29 @anniegeorgia
Instagram: @refinery29 @theagg

John Pearce, videographer, Refinery 29
Twitter: @refinery29
Instagram: @refinery29

Courtney Scott, The Getaway Girls
Twitter: @getawaygirlstv @courtscott
Instagram: @getawaygirlstv @court_scott

Kiersten Rich, The Getaway Girls
Twitter: @getawaygirlstv @kierstenrich
Instagram: @getawaygirlstv @theblondeabroad

Fan Zhong, associate editor, W Magazine
Twitter: @wmag
Instagram: @wmag

Ashley Simpson, freelance writer, W Magazine
Twitter: @wmag
Instagram: @wmag @ash_ley_s

Nick Remsen, freelance writer,
Twitter: @voguemagazine
Instagram: @voguemagazine @nickremsen

Lauren Matich, Laguna Beach Magazine
Twitter: @lagunabeachmag
Instagram: @lagunabeachmagazine

Albert Rodriguez, Seattle Gay News
Twitter: @seattlegaynews @seattlerocker
Instagram: @seattlerocker

Leonie Barlow, Style Insider and Food Magazine (New Zealand)
Twitter: @thestyleins @foodmagnz @leoniebarlow
Instagram: @thestyleinsider @lbarlow

Chadner Navarro, freelance writer, NY Magazine, UltraTravel, Houston Chronicle, Saveur, Dujour
Twitter: @chadner @NYMag @Ultratravel_Mag @HoustonChron @SAVEURMAG, @DuJouMedia
Instagram: @nymag @ultratravelmag @houstonchron @saveurmag @dujourmedia


Kiyomi Furusawa, media coordinator, CanCam
Eriko Sponberg, editor, My Hawai‘i Arukikata
Ritsuko Kukonu, CEO/founder,
Akiko Mori, editor, My Hawai‘i Pacific Journey
Nana Horoiwa, writer, Hawai‘i Hochi
Evan Freeman, manager, My Only Hawai‘i
Hitomi Williams, manager, iHeart Hawai‘i


Mikyun Chung, editor, Woman Sense
Mihyun Kang, editor,
Jin Yu, blogger,
Sofia Kim, deejay
Dayoung Kim, blogger,


Michelle Zhai, editor,
Marianne Li, freelance writer


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